Life of a CA girl

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Molly. 24. 6'1". Christian. Just a beach girl trying to get healthy.

Interests: being outdoors, cooking, fashion, indie rock, the beach, sushi dates, fishing, camping, tea, surfers, farmers markets, art, organic, hiking, kayaking, photography, and traveling.



my personal style is called “i don’t have the money for my preferred aesthetic”


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If you command me to do something that I was already planning on doing the chances of me doing that thing automatically drop to zero

Ugh so true


havent relapsed in a year? im so proud of you

havent relapsed in a week? im so proud of you

havent relapsed in a day? im so proud of you

havent relapsed in a minute? im so proud of you

no matter how long the time since your last relapse, you’re still making progress, you’re still fighting and you’re still staying strong and isnt that what matters the most? dont think of it as a competition, we all move at different paces, focus on your own goals and be proud of yourself!